Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Start of Something!

I will begin my second semester at George Mason University, a summer semester when I'm only taking one course.  It's known as the synthesis course and is taught by Dr. Thomas Rustici.  He refers to it as: "Economics and Public Policy."  I've had him for one other class and he is very tough and judging by the reading list I'm in for another round of it.


Regulation, The Constitution, and the Economy by J.Edwards
Lost Rights by James Bovard
The Road To Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek
The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig von Mises


The State by Anthony DeJasay

 It is somewhat fitting that the economic "synthesis" course be on public policy.  We are the school that both James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock taught at.  They practically invented the field of public choice when they wrote The Calculas of Consent.  Public Choice Theory is a way of looking at political issues using an economic way of viewing the world.  The practice reminds me that economics was previously called political economy, and perhaps removing the political aspects of economics might have always just been a fantasy for economists who would rather not have their theories meddled with by politicians who barely passed macro 101.

So the class should be a fun course in terms of subject matter.  Judging by the syllabus it looks like I will have 39 pages of essays to write in total and an examination so I hope that you didn't want to see me this month.

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We have a new distinguished alumni at the George Mason University.  Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali has been named Prime Minister of Somalia.  He received his doctorate in economics in 2000.  He has an enormous challenge in front of him.  The government of Somalia is so young and fragile that most people in that country have spent most of their lives in anarchy rather than any state at all.  It's #1 export/import might be pirating/booty which is nothing to build a future on.  All the best to Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, I'm sure that his constitutional economics courses are finally going to pay off!

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