Sunday, August 7, 2011

The End of Class, Finals, Grades, and Another Summer Break!

Summer school moves so fast.  Last Wednesday, I had my final essay to hand in and my final exam to take.  I'm not sure what I got on either, but I know that I got an "A" on the class!  I was really worried about my essay because I didn't have as much time as I'd like to finish something good for it.  I posted it in the post previous to this, Modern Monetary Policies... and the Rules that Govern Them.  That essay was about 23 pages, my extra credit assignment about The Holocaust Museum and the Archives (did I post that one?) was maybe 10 pages, and my first one"Your Money or Your Life?"  What's the Difference? was about 10 pages too... so that means that I (maybe) wrote 43 pages in one month for this class and took two major exams that were worth half of my grade.  Crazy.

As usual, I'm looking forward to getting my exam and paper back from Dr. Rustici.  I imagine I got something knocked down for my last essay, because even though it had some good ideas, it was a little sloppy.  I cleaned it up a bit for the blog.  I didn't add anymore ideas, but it just got a full series of edits.

I took the weekend off!  Margit and I went kayaking up and down the Potomac with some friends and we went to this awesome restaurant in Georgetown called Serendipity.  It was like an ice cream parlor, so it was really fun.  Our friends told us about this interesting movie called The Devil's Double.  We managed to hit the timing perfectly and saw it at the Georgetown theaters.  It was about Uday Hussein and his body double.  I highly recommend it.  The movie was interesting in both an action movie and real life drama sense.  Good movie, didn't pull any punches about Uday being crazy, and seemed true to form as far as what I've read about the man.  We also got to go swimming in our pool all weekend, which was awesome!

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