Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Color Me Impressed: Hyun Song Shin

As a student, being blown away by new information is a more common experience than for most individuals.  This is the purpose of my series "Color Me Impressed."  An economist who just amazes me so much with their writing that I can't help but share.

Dr. Hyun Song Shin is a Professor at Princeton University.  He has just exploded with amazing articles on financial and monetary economics.  Some titles include, "Carry Trades, Monetary Policy and Speculative Dynamics," "Monetary Cycles, Financial Cycles, and the Business Cycle," and "Leveraged Losses: Lessons from the Mortgage Market Meltdown," to name a few.

Just this past month, he gave a speech at the International Monetary Fund.  The speech was titled, "Global Banking Glut and Risk Premium."  He seems to take the topic of the global recession, which is one that has been tackled by almost every economist, and give an entirely new spin.

I can't say that I've completely absorbed this, but I am so impressed because he seems to be observing international finance and monetary policies on a more sophisticated level than I have seen previously.

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